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this is so important



knock knock

who’s there?

well it’s not your fucking parents because they don’t knock

Hiiiii! I haven’t been on here in a long time. I miss my blog though

And I turn 18 on Friday I’m happy as hell! :D

Gotta be careful with that word friend…. Cuz everybody AIN ya friend.


I can’t yo!!! I seriously can not! Lemme be quiet……

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Whoooo weight lifted off shoulders!!!!

Cho crybaby ass up

Good fucking bye. puhlease get your fuckin life. worried bout the wrong shit

I stand up for you and u diss me the most called me weird and shit and now…

Wow.. you make it sound like we’ve harrassed you jazz… no lie I’m hurt dawg. You’re just contradicting yourself. You feel like your made Fun of but then u blacked on us telling us you don’t want our sympathy…i don’t live to bully people or harass anyone so don’t make it seem like that.

and im not, but its irritating to me. cuz yall keep going. so I blocked you, simple as that. Im not saying youre bullying me. and im not saying youre harassing me, im saying shit is getting on my nerves and im not bout to sit here and get these annoying ass texts. the whole thing with the sympathy thing has nothing to do with right now. right now,im just irritated and im over it. I don’t want you to be hurt or nothing but Im not taking no more bullshit and if I didn’t block yall then I would’ve said shit and got more bullshit added to the situation so I just subtracted myself from the constant negativity,

Damn, I ain been on here in forever!!!! hey yall hey!!!


I haven’t been on here in forever and a day!!! But follow my new fan fic http://uptoyou-ff.tumblr.com cuz I’m always on there

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